Experience the UK’s premier open access carp venues

Nash Lakes


The iconic Church Lake is both renowned for it beauty as well as the enormous head of monster carp it contains. One of, if not the highest stock of large carp per acre of any water in the UK.

Church Lake has previously produced carp in excess of 60lb, and currently holds mirrors and commons to 50lb and multiple 40-pounders with an average weight over 35lb.

A reed lined clay pit with two central islands it has depths averaging 6 feet but with some deeper areas. There are numerous features to pinpoint from depressions, bars, gullies and silt full of natural food as well as extensive weed growth.

Finding harder areas and paying attention to line lay, presentation and baiting can unlock some very special catches, with quality boilies, floaters, naturals and particles all producing dependant upon the time of year.