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Fishing Rules – Royston

Kevin Nash Group Ltd.
accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or theft whilst on the
premises. Please abide by the rules below:

Fishery Rules

Royston is an immaculately kept lake. Please ensure
all litter is taken home. Leaving litter – note this includes cigarette butts –
will lead to termination of membership.

Do not damage any of the trees or plants. Should
you believe a tree or plant requires removal or trimming please contact the
Fishery Manager.

If you accidentally lose tackle in a tree or bush
and have to pull for a break, you must inform the Fishery Manager or Bailiff
before you leave to prevent danger to wildlife.

Toilets are provided on site, if you choose to
defecate elsewhere i.e a bucket or bag you must take it with you. Any breach of
this rule will result in membership being terminated.

We expect all members and their guests using the
toilets to clean up after themselves and leave the toilets in a pristine

The gate must be properly locked on arrival and
when leaving.

Please respect fellow anglers at all times, keep to
the boundaries of your swim and keep noise, radios/music to a respectable level
so as not to disturb your neighbours.

Rods must not be left unattended.

Do not position rods on the fish release platform
provided in most swims. These are lower to the water for angler safety and have
been specially constructed for safe netting and release of carp.

10. The margins are very deep. Do not in any circumstances attempt to wade.
Swimming is not permitted.

11. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult Parent/Guardian (aged
21 years or over) and the rod limit in a single swim must not exceed 4
rods. Under 16s must remain in the swim that the adult is occupying at all
times. It is the duty of the Parent/Guardian to ensure under 16s  are well behaved and do not disturb other
anglers and wildlife.

12. A number of swims are doubles. If you occupy one of these swims please
keep to one side of the swim in case another angler also wishes to fish the
double swim you are partially occupying.

13. Non-fishing guests may accompany an angler/anglers. Non-fishing children
under 16 must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian at all times. Non-Fishing
guests/children must keep to the confines of the swim area and not in any way
disturb neighbouring anglers.

14. Fires are prohibited. BBQs may be used providing they are raised above
the ground.

15. Strictly no guns or fireworks.

16. Dogs are permitted only with special permission from management.

17. Cars must not exceed the 5mph speed limit. Anyone driving at speed or
dangerously will immediately lose their membership.

18. To avoid unnecessary disturbance to anglers fishing Wood Lake, on
arrival please park in the main car park then walk round to select your swim.
After you have selected your swim you may take your car round. In many swims
you can park directly behind a swim, others have nearby pull ins. Only park in
the designated areas.

19. Your safety and the safety of our fish is our prime concern. Do not
drink alcohol to excess. Any angler found in a “condition” deemed unsafe or
disruptive will be asked to leave.

20. All 24 and 48 hour bookings commence at 9am daily, you are allowed to
arrive from 7am to look at available swims but do not enter an occupied swim or
disturb anglers already present. Do not set up or bait your swim before 9am,
and please have your swim vacated by 9am the following day.

21. Day tickets are offered Sunday to Thursday inclusive, with fishing from 7am
to 7pm. Please show consideration for overnight anglers when entering the

22. Under no circumstances are fish to be transferred between waters. Please
note this includes pike anglers catching/using livebaits from the lakes.

23. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use the fishery boats on site.

24. No refunds will be offered under any circumstances unless the management
deem the fishery requires to be closed.


Angling Rules

These rules are deemed
as most important by the management for carp welfare. Anglers found fishing
with barbed hooks or bent hooks will have their membership terminated. 

  1. Barbless hooks must be used at all times. Only
    purpose made barbless hooks may be used, no crushed barbs.
  2. Hooks commonly known as Bent Hooks/Cranked
    Hooks where the shank length is twice the length of the norm are strictly
  3. No braided mainlines (except on spod and
    marker rods or predator fishing).
  4. Minimum 12lb breaking strain mainline. Minimum
    hooklink breaking strain of 15lb, minimum breaking strain hooklink for
    surface fishing or zigs 12lb.
  5. No rig may be used where the lead is not able
    to be ejected or the mainline pass through the lead or connection enabling
    it to discharge. To avoid the potential of a tethered carp, if you are
    unclear on this rule please ask the Fishery Manager or a Bailiff who will
    be pleased to show you rigs to allow you to fish safely at all times.
  6. Anglers are kindly requested to understand
    that to ensure our carp do not come to any harm the Fishery Manager or
    Bailiffs may ask you to wind your rods in so they can check your tackle.
  7. Bait Boats are allowed but anglers
    must not send them outside their own swim boundaries and not disturb
    neighbouring swims. Anyone found abusing this will be banned from using
  8. No loose feeding of any nuts of any kind. They
    may however be used as hookbaits only.
  9. Only properly prepared, soaked and cooked
    particles may be used. Please only use particles in moderation. If you
    have any doubt please seek advice from the Fishery Manager or Bailiff.
  10. Predator fishing is permitted from 1st October – 14th March. 
  11. Livebaits are prohibited.
  12. when predator fishing an adequate length trace must be used and forceps must be carried at all times.
    Trebles are permitted where ONE of the three hooks is barbed (to attach to
  13. No leadcore, no unleaded, no fused leaders of
    any kind. Anglers can only use straight through mainline OR anti-tangle
    tubing such as Cling-On Tungsten Tube or similar.
  14. Magic twigs are banned. 

Carp Care

To avoid potential introduction of disease all
nets, sacks, slings and unhooking mats must be completely dry before entering
the site. If they are not, and you have fished somewhere else previously,
please rinse all the above items in disinfected water before you enter the
fishery and make sure they are completely dry before using at the fishery.

Carp are not amphibious and we request you keep
their time on the bank for your photo sessions to an absolute minimum.

All anglers must have an appropriate unhooking mat or
cradle that will comfortably protect a 40lb+ carp. Mats used on the ground must
have at least 2.5cm of padding.

No landing nets under 42 inches are permitted.

No keepnets unless provided by the Fishery Manager.

Under no circumstances may carp be retained in
landing nets beyond a few minutes. Under no circumstances can carp be kept for
more than 30 minutes in a floating retainer sling. Carp Sacks are banned. Anyone found to be breaking any of the carp
safety rules will immediately have their membership cancelled. Note also Rule

The only exception to Rule 6 is that should you
catch or find a fish that is damaged or appears unwell you must retain it and
immediately contact the Fishery Manager or Bailiff.

In the interest of good fish care all anglers must
carry a bottle of antiseptic fish treatment such as Nash Medicarp and treat any
wounds, cuts or abrasions. Failure to follow this will result in you being
asked to leave the fishery and only return once you have the correct carp care.