Royston Lakes


At Royston Lakes the health and wellbeing of our customers and our bailiffs is a priority at this time of Covid-19 Pandemic. We are taking the following steps to ensure our fishery is Covid-19 safe and to allow you to enjoy time outdoors following unprecedented social upheaval.

  • Royston operates an online booking system only, there are no cash transactions to put you into contact with others.
  • With immediate effect, one angler per swim only unless you are from the same household. You may be asked to prove this is the case.
  • Please respect social distancing both to fellow anglers and our bailiff team. Stay 3 metres apart at all times, including when parking, loading and unloading vehicles.
  • We would appreciate anglers using hand sanitisers before entering and leaving the fishery, to reduce risk of transmission on hard surface such as gate fixings.

Nash Lakes are delighted to announce the opening of our new fishery near Royston in Cambridgeshire.

The two lakes on the site Kingfisher and Wood Lake will be run on a day ticket basis, booked entirely through the website.

Kingfisher and Wood Lakes have both remained unfished for several years, giving that exciting unknown quantity to the fishing in both venues. Mature and beautifully situated in rural surroundings they both offer hand picked carp plus scaley originals on fisheries purpose created for the modern carp angler.


The lakes are located in Royston (Hertfordshire) on the main A10.

Royston lakes location

Nearest post code for sat nav – SG8 6RA. View location on Google maps

Royston Lakes Facilities

  • Secure car parking, with road access to most swims
  • Parking behind a number of swims
  • Toilet facilities on site

Kingfisher Lake

Extensively developed over 18 months Kingfisher Lake on the Royston Complex offers parking behind your swim, the chance to fish for hand picked carp and the added element of the unknown. Kingfisher had an original stock of unknown quantity and size, boosted with 200 additional carp, fish already caught to 38 lb during test fishing. Sightings of still uncaught fish add an exciting twist. We’re waiting for you to tell us what else is in there!

  • 4 acres
  • Lake record 38 lb common
  • 24 spacious wood chipped swims several of which can accommodate 2 anglers
  • Parking close to or directly behind each swim
  • Tree lined with marginal reeds and overhanging trees
  • Depths 6-15 feet
  • Pike to 25 lb, bream, roach and rudd

The lake, their topography and how to catch them

Intensive efforts have been made to make Kingfisher as angler friendly as possible, with landscaping, tree work and snag removal. Add parking behind or close to every swim and it’s a very easy venue to fish. Depths vary from 6 to 15 feet with a uniform bottom that prevents fish holding up in specific areas. The shape of the venue is like a frying pan, with a large basin at one end tapering into a narrow parallel section. Carp are quick to follow the wind, so don’t dismiss the narrow section, carp can often be stacked up there. This is truly a margin water where the carp love to patrol tight to the bank.

Wood Lake

The larger of the two lakes at Royston with 16 well spaced swims, many of which can be used as double swims. Wood Lake offers more intimate fishing, with plenty of features in all the swims and deep margins with extensive cover making it ideal for stalking and close range work. Out in the lake are a number of significant features with depths down to 25 feet in places with plateaux just a few feet below the surface.

Wood Lake has been stocked with over 200 hand picked carp on top of the unknown number of dark, heavily scaled originals. Numerous sightings over the 18 month development of the fishery suggest several 30s and a possible 40 lb mirror in Wood Lake that are yet to make an appearance! Test fishing has produced original scaley warriors up to 25 lb and a stocked mirror at 32 lb.

  • 4.75 acres
  • Carp to well over 30 lb, ceiling weight still unknown
  • 16 spacious wood chipped swims several of which can accommodate 2 anglers
  • Secure car park, and parking behind some swims
  • Numerous features including plateaux, gravel bars, tree lined bays, lilies
  • Extensive marginal cover, perfect for stalking
  • Depths 4-28 feet
  • Pike to 25 lb, bream, roach and rudd

The lake, topography and how to catch them

A chalk pit in mature surroundings with numerous specimen trees, Wood Lake offers everything from standard behind the rods action to real eyeball to eyeball opportunities for those who can keep quiet and like to get up close and personal. Quality boilies and pellets are the perfect starting point for action but ignore zigs and floaters at your peril. Fish well and multiple catches are on the cards.

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