Royston Lakes


In order for you to buy these tickets you will need to purchase Royston Fisheries 5 Year Membership, or log in if you are already a member.


Please note that The Wood Lake will be closed this weekend (9th – 11th August). The Kingfisher Lake will be open as normal.

Both lakes will be open as usual on 12th August. 

Members can only enter the premises to attend their booked session. Unfortunately, due to security issues, members cannot enter the premises at any other time.

If you wish to view the lakes prior to purchasing a membership then please call Nash Lakes on 01702 233811 to book a tour of Nash Lakes Royston.

If  you have any questions please call Nash Lakes on 01702 233811, alternatively please email


March – November Mon-Thurs £15 || Fri-Sun £20

December – February Mon-Thurs £15 || Fri-Sun £15

How to book

Simply click the days you wish to fish using the calendar above – click the first day you want to start fishing, then click the day you want to finish (your session will end at 9am the morning AFTER your final day). E.g.  Start date Friday, end date Friday will allow you to fish until 9am Saturday morning.

Note: if the date you wish to book is part shaded red then this means the day is only partially booked – YOU CAN STILL BOOK!


Tickets sold in 24 hour blocks running from 9am to 9am.

Swim choices are on a first come first serve basis.

We close Royston Lakes for only three weeks per year when the fish are spawning. Lake closure is dependent on when the fish begin spawning. All bookings during the spawning period will be rescheduled; you will be contacted by Nash Lakes if this effects your booking. No refunds given.


For any specific queries about the lakes, how they are fishing at current, or if you’d like to arrange a time to view the lakes before purchasing your membership, please contact our bailiff on 07545 431 522.


JKL Tackle is a mile away from the lakes and stock a comprehensive selection of Nash tackle and a large range of Nashbait and TT. The shop offers a lake delivery service and you can even pay by credit card from the comfort of your swim. For full details please visit their website here or call 01763 260655.