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Nash Lakes

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Fishery Management

As part of our ongoing fishery management plan at Nash Lakes, we periodically need to close the lakes for short periods to carry out essential works. This ensures the fishing and facilities provided are kept to the high standards our members have come to expect. We always aim to give members sufficient notice of closures to lessen the impact on planned sessions

Swim Closures
  • Centre Double
  • Candy’s Leap

Royston LAKES

The two pits on the Royston complex are testament to Kevin Nash’s drive to develop first class carp fisheries open to all. Unrecognisable from the overgrown, snag ridden and almost unfishable venues Nash Lakes purchased in 2015, they now offer unrivalled sport with carp to over 40lb and averaging  an impressive 25 lb on both lakes.

Multiple captures of hand picked carp are commonplace on both lakes – making them favourite venues for everyone from the Nash Media and Marketing teams to top flight carpers like Jim Shelley.

Kingfisher and Wood Lake are run on an annual membership scheme, allowing tickets to be booked in advance online. Click here to buy membership.

Nearest post code for sat nav – SG8 6RA. View location on Google maps

Kingfisher LAKE

Kingfisher Lake Catch Reports

About Kingfisher Lake

Stocked with over 200 hand picked carp averaging 25lb in just 4 acres Kingfisher Lake has been developed to create a unique environment where quality carp can often be caught right under your rod tips – as exciting as it is old skool!

Depths vary from 6 to 15 feet with a uniform bottom that prevents fish holding up in specific areas. The shape of Kingfisher is like a frying pan, with a large basin at one end tapering into a narrow parallel section. Carp are quick to follow the wind, so don’t dismiss the narrow section, carp can often be stacked up there. This is truly a margin water where the carp love to patrol tight to the edges. It’s a venue for a Bushwhacker pole and one that rewards tidy angling with multiple captures of great looking and fast growing carp.


Wood Lake Catch Reports

About Wood Lake

A chalk pit surrounded by mature trees Wood Lake offers intimate fishing for carp averaging 25lb, with plenty of features in all the swims and typically very deep margins with extensive cover making it an ideal venue for stalking and close range work. Out in the lake are a number of significant features with depths down to 25 feet surrounding plateaux to within a few feet of the surface.

Containing over 200 hand picked carp on top of the number of dark, heavily scaled originals multiple catches are always on the cards with the right approach. Quality boilies and pellets are the perfect starting point for action but ignore zigs and floaters at your peril.